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Brand Benefits

Join the RockPorch Network to Increase Traffic & Grow Sales. Our creator community has dedicated followers – on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube – who want your products! Join the network and grow.

  • Enjoy greater exposure from new audiences.
  • See traffic and sales data, by creator, on the RockPorch Merchant Dashboard.
  • Partner with creators for promotions, product launches, and placements.
  • Explore other advertising opportunities with the RockPorch advisory team.

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How Do RockPorch Creators Grow Your Traffic & Sales?

We make it easy to sell your products! Here are the steps creators follow:

  • With a simple cut-and-paste process, create a commissionable, trackable link to a product page.
  • Create lockers (gear lists) by pursuit and destination. visitors shop creators’ lockers then buy on your website.
  • Place commissionable links on social media, websites, blogs, in emails, SMS messages, etc. Viewers who click go straight to your product page to buy.
  • Promote their RockPorch profile and products to other followers to generate additional traffic and sales.

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With Gear4Good,
Your Products Make a Difference

Participate in a Gear4Good Non-Profit Partnership. There’s more to RockPorch than just gear and goods. We are passionate about leaving the Earth better than we found it.

Our Gear4Good program connects creators, brands, and consumers to high-impact nonprofit organizations that align with their values of sustainability, stewardship, education, inclusion, and charity.

  • Creators can donate a portion of their commissions, tax-free, to approved non-profit organizations.
  • RockPorch Gear4Good manages all aspects of this process as an additional service to our creators.
  • Brands can enjoy increased exposure through participation in Gear4Good partnerships with Creators.

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