RockPorch’s Philanthropy Initiative

Connecting Creators, Brands, and Consumers to high impact non-profits that foster sustainability, stewardship, education, inclusion, and charity. We want to leave this earth better for future generations.

RockPorch has committed to giving 2% of its profits to our Non-Profit Partners and encourages Creators to donate some portion of their commissions.

RockPorch gives its time and resources to nonprofits to help extend our Partners outreach and increase fundraising opportunities

RockPorch works with Creators and our Partners to build creator marketing campaigns. For more information on how we can work together to make a difference, please fill out the form below.

RockPorch Gear4Good turns Creators and Consumers into givers through our philanthropy initiatives.

  • Influence for good
  • Creators can donate sales commissions to approved non-profit partners.
  • Donate up to 100% of commissions across multiple non-profit partners; we handle all the gifting and reconciliation making giving easy so there’s no effort on your end.
  • Section in profile to showcase your non-profit partners and create giving campaigns.
  • Increase exposure for you and your non-profit with Brand Partnerships.
  • Earn commission donations by strategic partnerships with active lifestyle creators.
  • Amplify your non-profit:
  • Creator exposure
  • Giving campaigns
  • NGO dashboard presence
  • RockPorch gives 2% of its profits to non-profit partners and encourages creators to donate some portion of their commissions to non-profit partners.
  • Work with the RockPorch Partnership team to get the right creators on your team.

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Understand How Gear4Good Works

Creators are able to select non-profits to donate percentages of their commissions. Those funds are directed to the RockPorch GEAR4GOOD fund and 100% of those commission dollars are donated to the organization with RockPorch covering all costs associated with the management and distribution of those funds.