The fastest way to turn your passion into profit without the “salesy” feel

RockPorch is where passion-powered Creators become proud, successful Creatorpreneurs™. Earn premium commissions for your product referrals, get access to paid brand campaigns, and join the fastest-growing community of passion-driven digital creators in the industry.

“We have been using RockPorch for over a year, and it has completely replaced every other affiliate program we use…”


Thousands of passion-powered Creators – with 1k to 500k+ followers – trust RockPorch to help them earn more and grow their personal brand 

  • Premium Commission Rates for All RockPorch Creators
  • Instant Access to 600+ Passion-Driven Brand Affiliates
  • Always Free

It’s time to put Creators first 

Affiliate networks are designed to make it easier for brands to make money, not creators. When you choose affiliate networks…

…. you jump through hoops getting approved by individual brands

…. you wonder if you’re getting duped on commission rates

…. you juggle multiple networks – like Avantlink, CJ, and ShopaSale – because your favorite brands aren’t all on the same network

… you fight an uphill battle to get exposure to paid brand opportunities

ROCKPORCH does the heavy-lifting for you. we LEVERAGE OUR RELATIONSHIPs with all major affiliate networks SO YOU CAN…
  • Get instant access to 600+ premium brand partners
  • Get higher commission than typical network posted rates
  • Consolidate ALL of your links and analytics into one, easy-to-use platfrom
  • Get a seat at the table for paid brand campaign opportunities

Authentic affiliate marketing, imagined and designed by creators and adventurers

RockPorch isn’t just an affiliate marketing platform. It’s a community of Creatorpreneurs™ where you get the tools, resources, and support you need to grow your personal brand. So you can earn more for your product referrals faster and easier. Without feeling like a product pusher. 

Access to ALL our Premium Brand Partners

RockPorch offers a streamlined path to brand partnerships. Acceptance as a Creator immediately unlocks access to thousands of brands’ for commissionable links.

Generate Commissionable Product Links

Our simple copy and paste tool creates shoppable links and gear collections in seconds.

Personalized Storefront with a Soul

A personalized, shoppable profile page that connects to your social pages, blog, website, etc. You can create gear lists by pursuit and destination, and manage all of your affiliate links in one place.

All-in-One Analytics Dashboard

Get consolidated data from our tools and multiple affiliate networks on products, links, redirects, commissions, and more. Get seen by brands and know what is connecting with your followers.


Top Brands. Premium Commissions.

From industry stalwarts to smaller niche brands, get instant access to 500+ premium passion-driven brands. Plus, RockPorch offers higher commission rates than most posted affiliate network rates. So you can start earning more, fast.


Being a Creatorpreneur™ is about Helping People Know What They’re Really Made of

We started RockPorch because we wanted our favorite creators to spend more time creating bad*ss, inspiring content. So we developed an easier way for you turn your passion and creativity into profit. Now, you can spend less time working your 9-5, and more time making a difference. 

Welcome to the RockPorch Community

Training & Coaching

RockPorch Creators get ongoing access to 1:1 training from our creator development pros, webinars and more.

Network with Fellow Creators

Join our exclusive online community of RockPorch Creators ready to chat, bounce ideas around, offer feedback and encouragement and share strategies.


Up Your Game with Help From Our Team of Creator Pros

“Great experience! Elaine is so helpful and probably my go-to person 😉 She’ll provide you a detailed list of things to do and fantastic videos. She’ll even help brainstorm content ideas, which were amazing!”

Food, Travel, Leisure / Digital Creator

Shortcut the days, weeks and months it takes to start earning in affiliate marketing

  • Free, instant access to 600+ brand affiliates
  • Exposure to paid brand campaign opportunities
  • Exclusive access to creator development pros
  • A personalized, shoppable storefront…like Amazon with a SOUL
  • A passionate community of authentic, like-minded creators.

Built for Passion-Powered Creators

“RockPorch is an affiliate marketing platform that enables you to have access to the most diverse and varied portfolio of brands. It is the most user friendly and built for people like us – it is built for the adventurer.”

Adventure Photographers & Filmmakers / Digital Creators

Always free, easy to get started, unlimited support

Short application that takes less than 2 minutes – you can even do it on your phone. Plus, we’ll review your application within 48 hours so you can start earning more for your passion-driven expertise as soon as today.


Questions? We have answers.

First and foremost, RockPorch is NOT an affiliate network. We are a platform and community that helps Creators succeed. We partner with all major affiliate networks (like Avantlink, CJ, and more), consolidating their technology into one platform. With RockPorch, Creators no longer have to apply to multiple networks, and you get all your analytics in one place. Most importantly, the majority of your commission rates using RockPorch are higher than network published

Absolutely nothing! RockPorch is completely free to use.Answer

The most important criteria is that you create relevant and consistent content. There are no minimum audience requirements, follower counts, or anything like that. Our team will decide whether we are a good fit.

To receive commissions, we use PayPal. Commissions are paid on the 1st of every month. If your total commissions for a month are less than $20, we roll it over to the following month.

We have over 500 brand partners on RockPorch (including big merchants like REI, Backcountry, Bass Pro, Scheels, etc.) from which you can receive commissions! To explore our extensive list of brand partners, you have to be a current RockPorch creator. But if you’re curious, reach out to us and we can let you know!

For the majority of our brands it is 30 days but there are a few cases that have shorter or longer cookie windows. After someone clicks on one of your commissionable links, you will receive a commission for any purchase made by that person (on the same device and browser), from that brand, for the duration of the cookie window.

For direct links to brand websites, as long as the brand exists. For product links, they will last as long as the brand carries the product and keeps their product catalog (that syncs to our system) up to date.