Tap Into Our In-Depth Network of Passion-Powered Creators

Meet RockPorch – home of hundreds of passion-powered Creators, and the brands they love. We help marketers elevate their brand’s online presence and drive sales to new audiences through affiliate marketing partnerships and cost-effective, fully managed Creator campaigns.

Top Brands Love Working with RockPorch and our Badass Creatorpreneurs™ 

Brand-Driven Content Doesn’t Cut it in 2024

Savvy marketers know it’s not enough to just create high-quality brand content. Your content needs to connect with the right people in order to move the needle.

That’s where our passion-powered Creators shine.

Brands that collaborate with content Creators are 1.4x more efficient at building brand loyalty and keeping their brand relevant when compared to traditional brand-driven campaigns.

But the thought of managing the massive list of tasks involved in a successful Creator campaign is overwhelming.

ENTER ROCKPORCH. We’re here to lighten your load. So you can supercharge your Creator marketing efforts.

Photo of @wanderful_em in a paid partnership with RockPorch and Parks Project

Stay Ahead of the Competition with RockPorch

It’s not enough to just get your products seen – we specialize in strategically curated passion-powered partnerships that work to get your brand in front of your ideal customers.

Affiliate Brand Partnerships

A no-cost partnership where our network of creators drive sales of your products via organic content and direct links to their audience.

  • 800+ top, pre-vetted Creators that are waiting to test, share, and promote your products to their followers organically
  • Our RockPorch Creator Development team coaches creators on how to develop the highest quality content for brands
  • Seamless onboarding through existing partnerships we have with major affiliate networks like Avantlink and CJ
  • Creators earn commissions using their direct affiliate link for your brand’s product or website

Fully Managed Paid Campaigns

RockPorch works with our vast network of passion-powered creators to develop multi-channel campaigns that draw more eyes to your brand through strategic and authentic social media content.

  • Creators that are pre-vetted, experienced, and hand-picked-for-you to ensure authentic brand alignment you can count on
  • Customized, multi-channel campaign strategies to amplify exposure, drive sales, and hit your GMV goals
  • Comprehensive creator and campaign management for seamless, start-to-finish execution
  • Product seeding campaigns
  • Access to 800+ top passion-powered Creators all in one place
  • Lower campaign minimums than most affiliate marketing agencies

Creatorpreneurs™ are our Secret Sauce

We only work with the best-of-the-best when it comes to content creation – and our Creators are much more than your average influencers.

Our Creators – or Creatorpreneurs™ as we call them – are genuinely passionate about both making the world a better place and inspiring their audiences to do the same. They make badass, relatable content that is rooted in authenticity. So when they represent a brand, their communities listen and follow suit.

Plus, our Creators are supported by the RockPorch team of Creator Development experts, who work with our Creators to make sure they are are always at the top of their game.

Authentic communities and powerful personal brands

Best-in-class passion-powered creators who have a deep connection and understanding of their audience

Wide breadth and depth of digital audiences

Diverse digital audiences that allows your brand to simultaneously get in front of your target customer, while also breaking into new markets and segments

Multi-channel content
distribution and personalized storefronts

Increase brand reach, awareness, and sales through Creator-owned channels and our Creator’s personalized RockPorch Lockers (aka Digital Storefronts)

Experienced digital creators with fresh ideas

With many of our creators specializing in photography and videography, get unmatched creativity that shows your products in a new way, while still maintaining brand integrity

Freedom to use their creative super powers

We give our creators the freedom to build campaigns that connect with their digital community in a way that establishes trust and loyalty in your brand

Trend-savvy and always improving

RockPorch creators work closely with our dedicated team of experts to hone their skills, and stay on top of what’s happening in the digital space


Finally, Successful Creator Campaigns Without the Heavy Lift

Many brand partners come to us with jam packed schedules, tight budgets, and no time or bandwidth to successfully source, manage, and execute Creator-driven campaigns.

At RockPorch, we believe that running a campaign for your brand should be nothing short of effortless – and our streamlined process makes it just that.

Introducing S.P.A.R.K. – our tried-and-tested framework crafted with precision. So you can get to market faster, ensure a seamless and successful campaign, and focus on all the other marketing hats you have to wear.

The S.P.A.R.K. Proven Process

Strategize & Align

We begin by understanding your campaign objectives.

Then, we strategically tap into our network of pre-vetted creators to find a match that ensures perfect-fit alignment of brand values, target audience, and creator passion.

We provide a list of recommended creators for your campaign, based on authentic brand alignment, their innovation and skill sets, and creativity.

Once approved, we work with them to showcase your products in a fresh way, while always staying true to your brand.

Plan & Craft

RockPorch crafts a targeted campaign strategy designed to reach your sales or campaign goals.

This includes outlining formats, themes, format, messaging, and distribution channels to maximize reach and engagement.

Activate & Execute

Our team leverages our existing relationships with creators to quickly manage not only pre-campaign tasks such as budget negotiations, contracts, and briefing, but the entire scope of the project through content creation and performance monitoring

Refine & Optimize

After the campaign, you can count on our in-house team to digest the data and share the results.

Our goal is for you to be able to go back to your internal team members with concrete numbers to share your success.

Key Insights & Growth

We are always focused on the growth of our brand partners.

We use collected data and insights from your campaign to analyze performance and fuel future success.


“Our agency had an exceptional experience partnering with RockPorch. From initial engagement to post-campaign reporting, their team remained highly engaged and communicative throughout. RockPorch facilitated seamless collaboration with content creators, ensuring asset collection and campaign execution were completed flawlessly.”

Greyden Hickle
Sr Affiliate Manager
Accountable for Parks Project


There’s nothing cookie-cutter about us. Or our Creators.

Unlike traditional affiliate marketing agencies, we shy away from any one-size-fits-all approaches. And we don’t work with just any brand out there.

Passion-driven brands are our one-and-only jam.

We know the inner workings of passion-driven Creators and brands backwards and forwards. And we’ve invested the time to understand the unique customer nuances and challenges you’re facing.

If your customers are driven by passion pursuits, lean on RockPorch and our vast network of passion-powered Creatorpreneurs™. SO YOU CAN STAY ON TOP OF YOUR GAME… AND AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION.

We know passion-driven Creators and Brands like the back of our hand… It’s all we do

RockPorch Creators are uniquely positioned to turn customers into loyal brand advocates

Our Creators are expertly trained, delivering bad*ss content for your brand


RockPorch Creators Craft Relatable Content with Serious Swagger

RockPorch has the largest community of outdoor and passion-powered Creators out there.

And we know them personally. We know the products they like. We know how they talk. We know what they hold close to their hearts.

We use all of this insight to find your perfect, authentic brand matches. And deliver brag-worthy, customized, huge bang-for-your-buck campaigns.


“Hot damn. Nate Dodge’s reel for the Hatch campaign is FIRE. I have never wanted a lamp so bad!”

Hillary Robinson, Consumer & Nate Dodge Follower

RockPorch + Parks Project

Parks Project shortcuts the hours, days, and weeks it took to find their perfect-fit Creators

As an existing RockPorch affiliate partner, Parks Project and its affiliate marketing agency knew that RockPorch was the best partner to help them secure just the right passion-driven Creators and manage their first Creator campaign from start-to-finish.

Tapping into our team’s expertise, we built a customized strategy designed to exceed their campaign objectives. And worked closely with our Creators to deliver killer content. With outstanding results.


RockPorch Creators


Engagement Rate


Pieces of Unique Content

The no-brainer affiliate and campaign partner for passion-driven brands

  • Smooth Sailing with the RockPorch
    S.P.A.R.K. Proven Process
  • Huge Network of Pre-Vetted
    Passion-Driven Creators
  • Macro, Micro, and Niche Creators
  • Premium Content from Creators
    Specializing in Photo/Videography
  • Fully-Managed Campaigns by Experts
    in Influencer Marketing
  • Lower Campaign Minimums than
    Most Agencies
  • Detailed Campaign Analytics and
    Ongoing Optimization

“RockPorch prioritizes delivering maximum value to the brands they partner with, and our client was thrilled with the outstanding results.”

Greyden Hickle
Sr. Affiliate Manager, Accountable for Parks Project

Spark Passionate Growth with Creators you Love

Elevate your online + social presence, reach new audiences, and drive sales with the largest network of passion-powered Creators in the business.