Driven by Passion,
Inspired by People


RockPorch creates a whole new sales channel through its network of creators that put products to the test. All while driving consumer traffic back to the brands.


RockPorch creators have access to the highest quality brands and the ability to monetize their valued content from multiple channels in a single shopping platform.


RockPorch users are able to engage with creators and other enthusiasts socially all while having the ability to purchase products directly from their preferred creators.


Built to Push the
Adventure Forward

RockPorch exists to promote the pursuit of the outdoors through positive inspiration, a genuine community, and a set of tools for exploring, connecting, and shopping gear.

We strive to provide an innovative venue for sharing gear and content with engaged consumers. The RockPorch platform leads to product discovery, content monetization and a unique purchasing path for consumers.

Who is RockPorch?

The Athlete

Professional and amateur athletes that demonstrate an exceptional commitment to success.

The Adventurer

Adventurous spirits that inspire connections with the wild, natural world.

The Story Teller

Popular and creative story tellers who provide everyday escapes from the routine of life.

Meet the RockPorch Team


Affiliate marketing is an arrangement where publishers earn commissions through referrals by promoting other websites content, typically products or services.

RockPorch has agreements with brands and retailers to pay commissions for sales referred to the brand by RockPorch and its Creators. When someone clicks on a RockPorch link and makes any purchase within the allowable time window (even a different product than your link), RockPorch will record that sale and remit a commission to the Creator. By the way, that time window can be as long as 30 to 60 days for some brand partners.

No! It’s absolutely free and there is no impact to the end consumer. Our software platform is free for Creators once you’re accepted and any links/ products you promote, the customer pays the same price if they got there without your referral.

The most important criteria is that you create relevant and consistent content. There are no minimum audience requirements, follower count, or anything like that. Our team will decide whether you are a fit or not. If not, we’ll tell you why and what you need to work on.

We pay commissions every month. As long as you have over $20 of commissions, you will receive funds directly to your PayPal!

Once you drive traffic to our brand partners site, you will earn a commission on anything they buy within the allowable time window, so long as the consumer does not click on any other affiliate link from somewhere else.