The Power of Passion-Driven Community

Meg Farley


Home Base… Bend, Oregon
About Meg
As an outdoor creator and virtual wellness coach, Meg has and continues to inspire women to invest in themselves through movement, mindset, and outdoor adventures. With Meg, it’s all about LIVING LIFE OUT and feeling your most RADASS self. She hosts epic group trips, offers killer gear recommendations, and empowers her followers to live life to the fullest.

Creator Tip
“Be proud about what your mission is & what you’re passionate about! Share about items and experiences you truly would recommend to others. Your followers will be able to tell through your energy whether or not it’s genuine! Don’t be afraid to be repetitive with it too- it takes people a while to earn your trust and respect!”

Michelle Zhang


Home Base… Split between Colorado and California
Passions… Mountaineering and Trail Running
About Michelle
Michelle is an inspiring mountain enthusiast. Whether she’s running, mountaineering, skiing, or climbing, she’s always chasing mountains. She thrives on pushing her limits in endurance sports, and finding the joy in “type 2 fun” adventures. With her self-built campervan, she’s turned her passions into a lifestyle, so she can spend more time in the places she loves and less time driving back and forth to the mountains! Michelle’s ultimate mission? To inspire others to discover the thrill of the outdoors and pursue what makes them feel truly alive. 

Creator Tip
Be true and authentic on your channels! People are following you because they want to learn more about you and your lifestyle – so just be yourself when you’re creating content.”

Tyler Bryan

Home Base … Rugged Alaska!
Countries explored … 65 countries and 6 out of 7 continents with Antarctica being the last one.

Emily Schrick


Home BaseSan Francisco Bay Area
What’s Playing on my headphones … Anything Taylor Swift
Favorite Backpacking Meal … Mountain House Beef Stroganoff
About Emily
Emily is a photographer and thru-hiker who loves mountain peaks, lush forests, and everything in between. She loves obsessing about her pack weight on long trips and loves ultralight gear, but also can’t resist bringing her tripod along for the adventure. Whether she’s flying to an international destination to hike or walking out the front door with her three dogs, she’s always craving adventure and amazing views.

Creator Tip
“Be genuine and show your audience how you’re using products! Authenticity is important. It’s impossible to love every single piece of gear in the world: show what you use and love, even if you don’t know every single tech spec about it!”

Brooke Simmons


Home Base… Fort Collins, Colorado
Other Passion … She has been shooting 35mm film for over a decade and shares her photos every #filmfriday
About Brooke
Brooke, a Texas native raised amongst pecan trees, developed a love for adventure from a young age. Now residing in Colorado, her adventurous spirit thrives as she empowers more women to explore the outdoors. Currently, Brooke embarks on a season of growth, venturing into new activities and seeking out supportive, women-centric communities to share these adventures with. Rock climbing, backpacking, and gravel biking hold a special place among her passions, fueling her zest for exploration and connection. Follow along as Brooke shares her journeys and inspires others to embrace the outdoors and live a truly rad life!

Creator Tip
“People are desperately seeking realness – be true to yourself and share about things you are passionate and exited about. Be honest, be vulnerable, and your authenticity will attract your ideal audience. A tangible tip you can start implementing today- utilize the “Post” feature on the creator dashboard and start linking items directly from your social posts!”

Tami Fandrei


Home Base… Sacramento, California
Favorite Brands … Free Fly Apparel, Black Diamond, Cotopaxi, REI, goodr, Bedrock Sandals
I always rather be … in Eastern Sierra!
About Tami
Tami, a 52-year-old adventurer, has logged over 1500 miles in just a few short years of hiking and backpacking. She has cultivated a life rich in service and creativity. Now, as a recent empty nester, Tami finds herself on a journey of unexpected discovery. This new chapter has ignited a yearning for deeper connections with nature and community. Motivated by a desire to leave things better than she found them, Tami sees the world through a lens of deep gratitude.

Creator Tip
“Always be true to who you are by presenting your most authentic self and manage your time wisely by setting aside days for creating content and scheduling it in advance so you can be present in the moments that matter.”

Elizabeth Sheets

Home Base… Bend, Oregon
About Elizabeth
Elizabeth, a Pacific Northwest native raised just outside of Portland, Oregon, has a deep love for travel. Camping, backpacking, and road trips are her go-to adventures, fueled by a lifelong dream of visiting every National Park in the US. Recently becoming a mom in January 2023 to her son Cooper, Elizabeth finds joy in sharing her passion for exploration with him, making every effort to incorporate hiking and travel into their lives. Through her content, she inspires others by sharing travel tips and her favorite gear for these outdoor adventures.

Creator Tip