So you want to add commissionable affiliate links to your content… but you’re worried you’ll come across as a product-pusher? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

We’re here to show you how to embrace the power of genuine audience connections. We’ll explore 10 engaging content ideas that seamlessly marry authenticity with commissionable link success. So you can showcase your love for your passion, empower your audience with valuable recommendations and inspiration for their own adventures, and turn your passion into profit!

Remember, the key to being a successful Creatorpreneur™ is to always be genuine, inspire others to share in your passions, and let your enthusiasm shine through!

01. Share your personal stories ⛰️

Your audience wants to walk in your shoes and feel the beat of your adventure! They want to see real experiences, hear unfiltered advice, and connect with someone who shares their passion…

You’re a storyteller, an adventurer, and guide… with a backpack full of wisdom (and definitely some cool gear). So share your story and tell people why you’re passionate about what you do. All while sharing some of your favorite items (and commissionable links) that make your adventures possible.

Check out these examples from some of our RockPorch creators who are authentically sharing their tales while weaving in their RockPorch commissionable links.

02. Offer helpful tips & advice 💡

People appreciate genuine advice based on real-world experiences. So become a problem-solver and share your hard-won wisdom!

Start by identifying common pain points your audience faces (e.g., securing a permit in popular national parks, which trails and routes to take when navigating a tricky trail system, etc..).

Then, offer actionable solutions through detailed guides, handy tutorials, or informative videos where you can insert your commissionable product links to the products that helped you get there!

QUICK CONTENT IDEA: You learned the secrets to packing light after years of trial and error… so spill the beans and let everyone in on your secret tips (and share commissionable links to the gear that made it possible).

Take a tip from RockPorch creator FollowTiffsJourney as she shares invaluable insights and advice on snagging backpacking permits in the Eastern Sierra Mountains… followed up by mentioning and linking her comprehensive backpacking gear guide

03. Your favorite brands 🖤

Values Alignment
Are there brands you love to support because they are doing good things and align with your values? Spreading the good word to your audience is a great way to build trust and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

For example, one of our Brand Partners is Parks Project. Their mission is to protect and preserve parklands by educating, advocating, volunteering, and activating park supporters to get involved in conservation. This is a great reason to support, buy, and promote links from a brand!

Ride-or-Die Brands
Another way to authentically share commissionable links with your audience is by showcasing your tried-and-true brand favorites. When you’ve come to trust and rely on certain brands over and over again, they’re an essential part of your journey!

Did a tent save you from a storm? Did a particular pair of boots help you conquer a challenging hike? Share a personal anecdote that highlights the value and reliability of your favorite brands.

04. Use your expertise for gifting magic 🎁

Choosing the perfect present can be a puzzle, especially when you want to find something unique. So put your product and link creating expertise to good use while cashing in from your creator superpowers!

Take advantage of gifting opportunities throughout the year (Valentines, Holiday Season, Birthdays, Mother’s/Father’s Day…etc.) and make it easier for your followers to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones!

You can design gift sets around specific themes, occasions, or hobbies and add the products to a RockPorch locker to share with your audience.

Consider gift ideas for diverse budgets, interests and age groups – things like “Holiday Gifts for the National Park Lover” or “The Best Gifts for Beginner Snowboarders.” You can think outside the box and suggest unconventional pairings, like a travel hammock for the restless parent or a sourdough starter kit for the culinary explorer.

Take it a step further and encourage audience participation… Invite them to share their own favorite gift ideas, create polls for specific categories, or even host themed gift reveals. 

Here is a great example from RockPorch creator, RebeExplores, offering Valentine’s Day gift ideas ➡️


05. Behind-the-scenes snippets 🎥

Your audience has definitely wondered how you capture your epic content which often involve tedious setup, navigating tricky trails, and sometimes a lot of muscle! So whether you’re crafting, cooking, or exploring, give them a sneak peek into your world and creative process.

You can show them that it’s not just magic … It’s a blend of determination, creative problem-solving, and… the right gear!

Film yourself setting up camp, tackling a challenging climb, whipping up a meal, or setting up your camera gear to capture the magic! Naturally integrate the products and gear you’re using (using your commissionable links of course), highlighting how it simplifies tasks, enhances comfort, or allows you to push your limits.

You can also share the “not-so-instagramable” moments that you (and your followers) can laugh about later! Realness builds trust and shows your audience you’re not just a walking advertisement.

06. Product spotlights 🌟

Pick a product you don’t leave home without that you believe it deserves a permanent spot in all our backpacks (or hearts). How do you share these “game-changer” products without feeling like a walking billboard? Don’t just drop a “buy now” link and call it a day. And ditch the “Love it” monologue.

Instead of generic praise, weave a captivating narrative around the product. Tell them why it’s a game-changer for you and where you use/wear it.

Showcase its features in action, and capture stunning shots of it in its natural habitat or in the wild. And don’t shy away from honest insights. Share any quirks or limitations you’ve encountered, too. Transparency builds trust – remember, even the most beloved gear isn’t perfect!

Take your content one step further, and spark a conversation with your audience. Ask them for their own recommendations! Transform your product promotion into a genuine exchange of experiences and insights!

07. Showcase your latest purchase 📦

Did you recently snag something amazing? Share it!

We all know the thrill of a new purchase, especially when it’s something that promises to elevate our creative journey. But how do we share that excitement with our audience without feeling like a sales pitch in disguise?

Unboxings and first impressions are gold. Capture the genuine excitement and reaction of opening a new package, showcasing the product in all its glory! But don’t stop there, explain what drew you to this product and why you wanted to buy it and try it out.

Be sure to share your initial thoughts and feelings about the product. Is it everything you hoped for? Did it exceed your expectations?

Your audience will love the genuine first impression excitement, and you’ll love the commissionable link they click on to experience it themselves!

Beyond the Unboxing
Take it one step further, and put your product to the test! Create follow up content showcasing how you’re using the product in real life, how it’s holding up, and the value you’re seeing from it… A second opportunity to share your commissionable link to the product.

08. Q&A Sessions

Gear up for genuine interaction with your followers. Host Q&A sessions where your followers can ask you about the products you use. You can unlock the secrets (and links!) to all your favorite items in a trusted space.

Your audience wants to get the truth from a real person with full transparency! So invite your audience to fire away with questions. Be specific and ready to talk. Don’t just sing praises and shy away from challenges. Share both the pros and cons, highlighting strengths and weaknesses of certain products and experiences with genuine honesty.

Go beyond the yes or no recommendation plus a dropped link – weave in storytelling and offer in-depth insights! Share anecdotes about how your gear has saved the day, pushed you to new creative heights, or even surprised you with unexpected quirks. Let your personal stories bring your recommendations to life.

09. Getting ready for a specific trip or pursuit 🏕️

Big adventures demand a whole ecosystem of gear. Whether you’re gearing up for a layered hike in the Colorado mountains, heading into the PNW wilderness for primitive backpacking, or just chilling in a mountain town for Spring Break.

So if you’re pulling together a whole ecosystem of gear for a trip, help your community out by curating a list of everything you’re packing. So when it’s their turn to gear up, you can help them prepare with all the clothes, gear, and odds and ends they’ll need to make their own trip a success!

Share details about each product and explain why it’s important to include on your trip. Most importantly, go beyond product names. You can…

  • Share the nitty-gritty details, drawing from your personal experiences and lessons you’ve learned
  • Offer valuable insights that extend beyond the products
  • And consider providing options catering to various budgets, experience levels, and preferences

If you have any packing light hacks, here’s a good chance for you to share those valuable tips as well!

Don’t forget to rock or spotlight the gear and apparel you’ve linked in your reel, giving your audience a firsthand look at these products in action

Here’s some inspo from some fellow RockPorch creators …

10. Showcase a Brand Sale 🤑

We all know the thrill of scoring a great deal, especially on products we’ve been eyeing or love from our favorite brands.  

Announce the brand’s sale with genuine excitement, highlighting the overall savings and key categories on sale. Show your own interest in the deals by curating a selection of 3-5 on-sale products that truly catch your eye. These can be items you already own and love, or ones you’ve been wanting to try at a discounted price.

You can insert your commissionable links to those specific on-sale products and then throw in a link to the entire sale, encouraging your audience to hunt for their own bargains!

After all, who can resist a good deal?

🌟 PRO TIP : Create a highlight section for your links

Create a special highlight section on your Instagram profile just for your product & gear links! You can even create multiple sections for easy categorization based on your pursuits (Ex. Camping Gear Recs, Best Hiking Shoes, etc.) Think of it as a personalized showcase where your followers can easily discover & find your favorite products.

#️⃣ PRO TIP : Tag brands and Include brand hashtags

Boost your visibility by tagging brands and incorporating brand hashtags such as @REI and #Cabelas on your social channels to help get discovered organically by brands.

For added shopping intent, include product hashtags like #mountaingear or #hikingbackpack in your posts.

Take it a step further by tagging the brand in your reels, posts, or stories, along with using their specific hashtag. This dual approach not only increases your chances of being noticed by the brand but also aligns your content seamlessly with the shopping interests of your audience.

Remember, building trust and fostering connections are key to long-term Creatorpreneur™ success. By implementing these ideas with authenticity and genuine enthusiasm, you can turn your passion into a thriving community, empowered with valuable recommendations and excitement to join in on your journey – affiliate links and all!

RockPorch is a platform and community that helps passion-driven creators get a leg up in affiliate marketing without jumping through hoops for brands, juggling multiple platforms, or feeling gimmicky. If you’d like to chat strategy with our creator development team or learn more about how RockPorch can help you become a successful Creatorpreneur™, please send us an email at

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