2024 is projected to be a big and epic year for creator marketing. In fact, according to Aspire’s recent benchmark report & webinar, “The State of Influencer Marketing 2024,” 70% of marketers have outlined plans to boost their Influencer marketing budgets this year.

Here are the top key trends content creators need to stay ahead in 2024 according to Aspire:

Shortening Inspiration to Transaction Time

2024 is all about shortening the inspiration-to-transaction leap. It’s about making that “OMG, I need that!” moment a mere button tap away. Attention spans are shrinking, competition’s fierce, and impulse buys fuel the digital economy.

Creators who make the purchase path as smooth as a freshly paved forest trail will see more conversions and commissions.

Tagging products right on your stunning travel pics and adventure clips puts the buy button where it matters most – in the heat of inspiration. In the age of instant gratification, convenience is king.

Also, make finding your gear and product recommendations effortless by always adding any stories with gear links to a highlight section named “links,” “gear,” etc.

Instagram is Still King and Queen (for now)

Instagram maintains its dominance over TikTok due to its greater predictability, driven by the abundance of available data.

More Creators are Willing to Promote Brands for Free Product (if they like it, of course!)

A growing trend in the industry, there has been a notable increase in creators’ willingness to promote brands solely in exchange for free products. Increasing from 80% to 90%.

Reasonable Rates to Pay Influencer Metrics

Aspire offers some valuable insights to help creators understand reasonable metrics for getting paid.


Likes, comments, shares – this metric reveals the ripple effect a creator creates around a brand.

To gauge “buzz power,” Aspire recommends assessing a creator’s past 10-15 posts, noting that engagement styles and rates will vary across platforms.


Cost-per-Mile is the cost a brand pays for one thousand views or impressions on a creator’s post.

While once considered a ‘vanity metric’, it has evolved because not all interactions involve engaging with the post/reel/story. It can also be about eyeballs catching your message, even if they don’t instantly become raving fans.

Awareness is a powerful tool, especially when paired with engaging content.


Using Cost-per-Impression as a metric makes most sense for nano-influencers who might not amass thousands of impressions on their content right out of the gate.

Authenticity is Good… but Authentic Relatability is Best

People are tired of seeing high-filtered content and unattainable lifestyles, so now there’s a trend towards “Lo Fi Content” – no filters, just more genuine and real stuff.

By showcasing your raw and relatable self, you connect with audiences on a deeper level, build trust, and cultivate genuine connections. In a world saturated with perfection, sometimes the most powerful content is simply being real.

Unpolished Short Form Video is Still the Best for Performance & Conversions

Simple and genuine short videos still work best for getting results and conversions. That’s because when you’re on camera, you can’t fake being real like you can with photos.

So share your unfiltered moments, and tell your story in quick, captivating bursts. You’ll be surprised at the performance and conversion magic it unleashes. Sometimes, the most powerful tool isn’t flawless execution, but the unpolished, genuine connection that only short-form video can create.

AI Creators Won’t take Over Real-Life Creators

AI is a tool, not a replacement. The human touch in storytelling, emotional connection, and strategic nuance will always be irreplaceable. However, we’ll see more AI-generated copy, like ChatGPT, making it easier for creators to collaborate with many brands quickly.

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As attention spans shrink and platforms evolve, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for content creators. By embracing trends like AI-powered tools and authentic community-driven engagement, creators can captivate audiences, build meaningful connections, and thrive in the dynamic landscape of 2024.

So, buckle up, creators, this year is going to be full of interesting trends & growth! The world needs your unique voice and authentic self, so go forth and create!

If you’d like to talk content strategy with the experts at RockPorch, just reach out to us at creatorsupport@rockporch.com. We’re here to help!

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